FCP Euro Mercedes 190E 'Golden Era' Project

FCP Euro Mercedes 190E 'Golden Era' Project
The "Golden Era" of DTM racing in Europe, beginning in the late-1980s and extending to the early 1990s, would go on to shape motorsport for decades to come. The cars were cutting-edge, the engineering was clever and groundbreaking, and the competition was fierce; all in vehicles that looked like your relative's daily-driver.

This Mercedes 190E have an engine swap with the M133 Engine from a Model Series 176 AMG. This projects utilizes a Motec M141 that will be controlling the M133 Engine with a detachable Mil-Spec bulkhead connector. 
Philip Chiu and Kevin Tan designed this harness with the help with Karim Philip Antaki guidance to make this project possible. We utilized Solidworks to design the full mil-spec engine harness. 

The Challenge of this project is tailoring the existing M133 Harness, understanding existing pinout from the OEM harness, and tailoring it to the Motec M141. Majority of our time is spent on thinking, reading, and digesting every information before design the harness. 
ECU Connector
We utilized Tefzel wires that are accordance to MIL-W-22759E. All Braided Shield Cables are accordance to MIL-DTL-27500 Standards. Finished cable assembly are accordance with and meet IPC/WHMA-A0620, Revision D Standards.
The Tefzel wires are concentrically twisted and bound together with woven fiberglass yawn. The Boots are Raychem and the sleevings are made out of high temp fiberglass for high abrasion and heat resistant. 
Overall, this have to be our most challenging build we have ever done. With many late nights due to the constraint of the race team needing to get the car running as soon as possible, we were able to accomplish the work on time. FCP Euro 190E "Golden Era" is now going around the country, participating in events such as Overcrest Rally.
Thank you Karim Philip Antaki and FCP Euro Engineers to giving us this amazing opportunity.


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